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About Us

Reliable Family Office Management


As a multi-family office management corporation, we provide responsive, dependable services that meet the wide scope of family needs. Family office participants for our services generally should have enterprise values in excess of US$50MM. 

Syndicated Opportunities


We analyze business plans to determine which have a higher probability of success, and then share these across our network for each family to discuss with their registered financial advisors to determine applicability based on projections, ROI, and risk profile. 

Lasting Legacy


The key to a lasting legacy is not only the acquisition of wealth, but its retention as well. By safeguarding families against unproven platforms, undisclosed financial relationships and even rogue family members, we help ensure that the strength of the family continues for generations as yet unknown.


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If you have any comments or questions, you are welcome to write to us. However, due to  the limited number of personnel in our corporate office, we may be unable to  provide a direct response. 

Family Office Management Corporation of Florida, Inc.